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School This Way

Dear Parents,

We are currently making the necessary arrangements for your child to start school in September.....!

And just like that a new chapter is about to begin. Yes, Little Ellen's Big Brother is soon to embark on this new venture, the start of his school journey. It's been rather emotional, feels like he was only born the other day, and he is very much still my baby. The thought of him being in uniform, doing homework and carrying his school bag is pretty overwhelming to say the least. But here we are, and we must do all we can to prepare him. I must say our nursery has been extremely helpful with supporting us with this transition to 'Big School.' We can't underestimate how big a deal this is for our little ones, and although it may seem daunting at times, it's also a very exciting time for them too.

So to help with all of these emotions, we are sharing some useful tips that we have been given to help our son be school ready this September.

Here's to wishing you and your pre-schooler all the best in your preparations!

Little Ellen's Mama xx

Tips For Parents


I know when to wash and dry my hands

I can wipe my nose

I can ask for help if I don't feel well

I can go to the toilet on my own, wipe myself properly and flush


I am happy to be away from my mummy, daddy or my main carer

I am happy to tidy my belongings and look after my things

I am feeling confident about starting school

Speaking & Literacy

I am interested in reading stories and looking at picture books

I am able to talk about myself, my needs and feelings

I am practising recognising my name when it's written down

Listening & Understanding

I am able to sit still and listen for a short while

I can follow instructions

I understand the need to follow rules

Getting Dressed

I can button and unbutton my clothes

I can put my own shoes and shocks on

I can put my coat on and use a zip


I can share toys and take turns

I can play games with others

I can interact with other children

Interest in the World

I enjoy learning about the world around me

I am interested in exploring new activities or environments

I like asking questions

Counting Skills

I enjoy practising counting objects

I like saying number rhymes and counting games

I can recognise some numbers when they are written down

Writing Skills

I like tracing patterns and colouring in

I enjoy experimenting with different shaped scribbles

I am practising holding a pencil


I can use a knife and fork

I can open my packed lunch on my own

I am confident at opening wrappers and packaging


I have practised putting on my uniform and getting ready to leave on time

I have a good bedtime routine so I'm not feel tired for school

I'm learning to eat at the times I will on school days

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