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One Day At A Time!

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe, in these unprecedented times. Thankfully we’ve been having some beautiful sunshine which has lifted our spirits quite a bit. Though the rain is slowly making up for lost time now. We are finding ourselves in some unusual times and circumstances.  In the space of just a few weeks many of our lives have changed.  For many of us, we are at home – not at work, the kids are home – not at school, we are social distancing, our shopping habits have changed, we are affectively homebound.  And sadly many have lost loved ones or have fallen ill to this virus that has devastated our world.

In this very moment, we really don’t know how tomorrow, or next week or even next month will look like.  While at home, there is time to ponder, wonder and worry about much, and at the same time there is little you can do to change what is happening outside.  But we can try our best to control and manage what we can at home, especially if we have children who are effectively relaying on us for stability and some sort of normality.  “When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear.” At home we are trying to take each day as it comes and continue to focus on what is important - and if there was ever such a time to ‘count your blessings’ or ‘Love thy neighbour’  - it is now.  We are absolutely loving the good news stories we are hearing, the wonderful community spirit we are experiencing and the selflessness that has been shown by a range of people, health care professionals especially.

And its these good positive things that help the everyday, and is what will pull us as a society, as a nation through this difficult period.  And we will get through. Though many functioning aspects of our business has seized due to following government guidelines.  We still want to stay in touch with our members, customers and clients.  So we hope here at Little Ellen to spread a little positivity and cheer

to brighten our days ahead. Please do stay in touch and keep coming back to our site for news and updates.  We are still running our online delivery service.  As a home based business, we work from home – so we are blessed to be able to keep this side going.  We stock a range of children’s gifts, toys, accessories and party pieces (Yes you can still celebrate at home with the  family).  To all our Little Stars out there – Keep Shinning Bright and Keep Safe! All our love, Little Ellen’s Mama xx


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