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Let's Celebrate!

Here at LITTLE ELLEN we are all about celebrating the little people. We believe that Children are a blessing and should be celebrated all the time regardless or not if it’s their birthday or any other special occasion. We can find joy in their everyday achievements, for example great grades at school, learning to take their first steps or completing a puzzle.

All achievements are big or small victories, for them and us.

So how do we celebrate the ‘wonderful everyday’ accomplishments?

Words of affirmation – letting them know we are pleased with what they have achieved; this is probably the most important way to show them we care about what they have done.

Give a gift – Who doesn’t like to receive a little reward for doing well? Weather it’s just a lollipop, a new toy or maybe a trip to Disneyland, a gift is a gift and a way for children to know they deserve something good for what they have done. We are in affect a gift company and have a range of splendid gifts available right Here!

Reward charts/stickers – These are so popular these days. Noticeboards, magnetic charts on the fridge or chalkboards. A way they can physically see little ticks, stars or smiley faces every time they do something well. And just like our shopping point cards, there might be something they can be rewarded with once they have collected a few.

A day out – Though kids should try and get out every day for fresh air, regardless if they have been naughty or nice, there are special outings that can be planned which are a bit different from the norm. These don’t have to be costly – just pack a lunchbox or picnic and go to a free museum or a nature park they haven’t been to before.

And for those special occasions (birthdays, christenings, graduations…etc)…

There are a myriad of ways to celebrate and there’s definitely no blueprint in how we do it. From picnics, parties, BBQs, family dinners to tea parties – you choose how to mark the special occasion.

A party at home, if planned well, may be more successful than an extravagant do in a hired venue, so don’t always feel pressured to ‘go big,’ especially if you have quite a few kid’s birthdays to organise through the year. Check out our range of Party Pieces to add style to your occasion.

It felt fitting to start the first blog of the year with an emphasis on celebration. LITTLE ELLEN was created with little people in mind, to celebrate them just being part of our lives, doing all we can to help them grow, be happy and achieve. Even if you don’t have children of your own, we all if not most of us come into contact with children and the same rules still apply – we should do all we can to make sure they shine.


“For the happiest Little Stars.”

Best Wishes

Little Ellen's Mama xx


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