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10 Ways To Have A Budget Friendly Kids Party

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It’s January and it’s a long, cold month. The winter festivities are well and truly over, and we are back in the routine of things. It's quite easy to not to be particularly excited about this time of year. January is notoriously a quiet season socially as well as in the party industry.

But of course, birthdays don’t stop and children will still expect a little something something – no matter how low your bank account is running! So we thought it would be handy to use this blog space to share some simple money saving, budget friendly party tips!

Bake you own cake – Why spend ££ on having a cake made when you can do it yourself! A simple Victoria sponge cake, with some icing will do just fine. There are so many online recipes, giving you the freedom to have what you want in the cake. The cake can also double up as pudding or dessert!

DIY Party – Everyone gathers around the dining table to cut the cake, kids running around everywhere and simple party games - just how it used to be! Throwing a party at home is probably the easiest most straight forward party option. No venue cost, no additional costs. Use what you have or why not borrow or hire tables and chairs?

Opt for inexpensive food – Jelly & ice cream, home-made popcorn, fairy cakes and homemade sandwiches. Children enjoy a varied spread of little party foods – they really don’t need a lot. They are usually so excited enjoying the party, they hardly sit down long enough to finish everything.

Sale Shop – Post-Christmas and January sales, is probably the best time to shop around for all those deals. Think about prizes for games and things like party bag goodies. Also if you see decorations, food or anything else that will be useful for the party, you may as well buy it while it’s on offer.

Creative entertainment – Ask a friend or relative to dress up in fancy dress and provide the entertainment for the children. They don’t have to be able to do tricks, just know how to ‘hype’ up the kids and lead the party games. They could also act as a judge for a dance competition or a referee for some sports games. It only needs to be for an hour or two - the time goes very quickly.

E-invites – Why not send a text or email instead of paper party invitations? Not only will you save money but you will also be making an eco-friendly choice by ditching the use of paper.

DIY Decorations – You can buy a selection of party decorations like balloons and banners online at a reasonable cost, check out Little Ellen's boutique party pieces. Do the decorating yourself and maybe theme the party with what you already have at home. If your child is into dinosaurs, use their dinosaur figures to decorate the tables or use teddy bears to have a teddy bear's picnic party.

Use Drink jars/canisters – An inexpensive way to provide drink at the party is just pouring squash or juice in a large plastic/glass canister. You just need to refill with juice or water, and the kids can help themselves. They also look really stylish too. Why not hire some drink canisters - cheaper then buying them - Check out Little Ellen's Party Hire.

Keep its Small – It’s okay to have a small party – cousins close friends, neighbours or just siblings – it's up to you and what you can manage, just make it special.

Savvy party bags – Instead of buying lots of party bag filler bits, you can bulk buy or source just one unique item to give away, like a book or a toy. You can then wrap this one item in a piece of recycled wrapping/tissue paper and then tie with string or ribbon. Or why not bake cupcakes or cookies and give these as party favours?

Remember you can have an awesome party no matter how much you spend. With just a little planning, creativity and work the possibilities are endless.


Little Ellen's Mama xx


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