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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate a Birthday without Throwing a Party

Oh we’ve missed parties and get-togethers during the last few months. All those party plans, outings and gatherings were put on the back burner for many. We actually celebrated all our birthdays during lockdown. But I must admit, we really enjoyed them. We found ways to make them special and of course it was straight forward, and we saved a bit of money.

As the nation emerges from lockdown, gatherings are slowly starting to build up again. And parties are back on! However due to varied reasons, not everyone is rushing to start party planning just yet. With the school term about to begin, throwing a party may be the last thing on your agenda. But Again birthdays aren’t cancelled, so how can we make sure the little ones feel extra special on their big day?

Here are 10 Fun ways to have a memorable kid’s birthday without having to have a party.


Decorations are a great way to change the scene and make any space look special. Why not blow up some balloons (air-filled) the night before and decorate a room, or even the whole house. You can set up helium filled balloons first thing in the morning. There are so many other decorating options, bunting, confetti, posters and paper chains. Try to set up the night before so that your little one can wake up and see the surprise.


Bake Time! This is a day to indulge in your sweet favourites. Not only can you make the actual birthday cake, but you can set up a pretend bakery and make other goodies like cookies, brownies, cupcake and even milkshake. The children will absolutely enjoy icing cakes and pouring on sprinkles.


Fancy dress is always fun, no matter how old you are - but it’s especially fun for kids. Have a day of plays, entertainment and costume change. Or maybe a fixed theme where the whole family have to get involved and role play. Remember kids have the most amazing imagination so a whole day of drama will just be a dream.

Movie Night

Sofa, popcorn and a good movie are all you need to create a fun movie night. Get the kids to pick their favourite movies and sit down and watch the whole thing with them – even if you have seen it a hundred times. Or why not try watching a movie using a projector and set it up in the garden or in a different room.


Create a fun picnic hamper with all their favourites treats inside. As well as the traditional Sandwiches, sausage rolls and fruit. This picnic hamper can have all the party food and treats and set up in the garden, balcony or any outdoor space. Don’t forget the blanket and some fun games to play too.

Video Calls

Zoom parties have definitely been a thing during lockdown and how great has it been to be able to see and speak to family and friends in this way. Family and friends are able to participate in singing happy birthday, watch the cake cutting and even take part in games. It’s such a great way for the birthday girl or boy to feel special.

Treasure Hunt

Instead of having the children just open their gifts all in one go, why not create some suspense and set up a treasure hunt for them to find their gifts. Clues can be placed around the house with lots of spoils (treats) along the way. You can find a number of treasure hunt ideas online.


What’s a party without food? Have all their favourites readily available for them to snack on, and displayed nicely. Or why not create a unique dining experience for your child. Set up a table as if they’re in a restaurant and you can cook and serve them their favourite dish – 3 courses at least!

Spa Day!

Set up a tranquil space for a pamper day. From a foot bath, to manicures or massage, kids would love to feel special by having you or a trained professional work on them. Don’t forget the lemon water and comics!

Camp out or In

Having a tent and setting up a camp in the garden is so much fun. You can set up a tiny camp fire, roast marshmallows and watch the stars or tell stories late into the night. If you can’t go in the garden or on the balcony there’s the option to set up camp indoors. Along with their favourite teddies, some starry lights and lots of pillows – you can create a den of fun.

Birthdays come once a year, and if you have excited little ones – they are probably reminding you about it months before. Birthdays are so much more than a party, and finding ways to make the day unique from other days is one way to show your child that their day is very special.

Have Fun!

Little Ellen’s Mama xx


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